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  Mr. Peter Shen
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                    Brief of Fireworks Displays
    As a main fireworks industry group in China, we are specilized in fireworks shows for
many years. We undertake more than 50 fireworks shows per year. Under our
advanced firing systems and strong technical teams, we never had failure records and
had a high reputation in the world. We just had successfully conducted the show for the
Olympic Games 2008 in China, and also got successful displays for our nation's 60th
anniversary gala in 2009. In 2009, we also made 51 shows day by day in Saudi Arabia
successfully, and for Saidi National Day on 22th of September. In 2010, we made the
shows for the 6th World Choir Games and 2500th anniversary of Shaoxing City in July,
and for Nanjing Culture & History City Expo in October. We just finished 8 fireworks s
hows in Jiangsu, Anhui, Shangxi, Shangdong province and Tianjin city for our Festival of
Lanterns in the beginning of 2011.
                   Advantage of Fireworks Displays
    We have ability to undertake all kinds of fireworks shows, on the land, biulding,
bridge, water, and any other place. We have our own factories for porduction, and we
export the fireworks products by our own trade company. We design the shows by our
technicians, and send our own professional workers to fire the shows. So, Jiangsu
Jianhu Pyrotechnics is your best choice to complete the show successfully. We can
make sure that the show will be wonderful and safe enough! ! !
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